Handblown Bubble Glass Tumbler, Set of 6

Handblown Bubble Glass Tumbler, Set of 6

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These beautiful hand blown glass tumblers were designed to deliver some color. The light, bubbly effect the glasses have are from the hundreds of tiny


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Hand Crafted Blown Glass Tumblers (set of 6) - Sky Rainbow Raindrops

These cute fruit glasses have a truly festive charm. Each piece is designed and hand blown with fruit decals embedded, and hundreds of miniature


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This effervescent hand-blown glass collection will inspire creativity for crafting the perfect cocktail or setting a table that bubbles with energy.


Bubble Glassware - Set of 6

Innovative glasses by Javier and Efren featuring a delightful conical design. The old-fashioned appearance of the glass is magnificently combined with a delicate lime-green rim. These practical glasses are ideal for wine as well as fruit juice, and their elegant versatility makes them ideal for both casual and semi-formal settings. Because each piece is handmade, shape and size can vary slightly and tiny bubbles may appear within the glass.


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Set of 6 Hand-Blown Clear Tumbler Glasses from Mexico - Rustic & Handcrafted Recycled Bubble Glass Drinking Glassware - 10 Oz


Set of 6 Hand-Blown Clear Tumbler (10 oz) Glasses from Mexico - Rustic & Handcrafted Recycled Bubble Glass Drinking Glassware


Aquamarine Bubbles Set of 6 Aquamarine Hand Blown 10 oz Juice Glasses

Our Kari collection of hand-blown bubble glasses is a more refined take on the classic English pint glass—and designed for all-day - everyday use.


Blue Pheasant Kari Amber Tumbler Glass, Pack of 6

HANDMADE – Each Mexican blown glass tumbler is handmade by skilled artisans using techniques handed down from generation to generation. TRADITION – These traditional clear tumblers showcase iconic Mexican style. QUALITY – All of our Mexican glassware is made from eco-friendly recycled glass and are lead free. Sturdy and dishwasher safe. SIZE – Each blown glass tumbler is approximately 3.9 inches tall and 3.15 inches in diameter. Each glass holds 10 fluid ounces.


Dos Suenos Hand Blown Mexican Drinking Glasses - Set of 6 Natural Clear Tumbler Glasses (10 oz Each)


Bubble Glassware - Set of 6 – High Camp Home


Artisan Crafted Hand Blown Glass Tumblers,Colored Bubble Water Glasses,8.5 OZ of 4 Colors

🥃 Package includes: 4 bubble pinch tumbler glasses, the capacity of each drinkware is 11.0 fl-oz, the height of the glass is 4 and the rim diameter


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